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Talero is the result of tequila made naturally. The growth, manufacturing and distribution follow the best environment practices, keeping Talero as earth friendly as possible. We remain environmentally conscious of everthing - from the recycled cardboard and glass to the aluminum used in our unique bottle tops.

Enjoy drinking organically in a variety of ways


Talero Summer Fresco

Cocktail Recipe

  • 2 ounces Talero Tequila
  • 1 ounce Triple Sec
  • 2 ounces Seltzer or Sparkling Water
  • Slices of fresh Lemons Limes and Oranges for Muddling

How to mix this cocktail:

In a Low-ball glass place the fruit slices, Triple Sec and Talero.
Muddle all together fill glass with ice and top with Seltzer water.