About Talero

The Origin

Talero Tequila is an ultra premium organic tequila, sourced from organically grown agave. Talero has changed the creation of tequila, one taste and you’ll understand why. Soft and elegant with a velvety smooth texture, Talero is not just another tequila: It is in a category by itself.

Talero Tequila starts with only the finest, highly coveted Blue Weber Agave Piñas grown on the hills of Los Altos de Jalisco, at an elevation of 7,200 feet above sea level. This favorable altitude is the highest within the tequila region, producing more sugar within the piña. The plants then bask in the warmth of the Mexican sun and are carefully tended to until their perfect maturity.

Talero Tequila’s organically grown agave plants are cultivated until they reach peak maturity, a process that can take six to 12 years. The heart of the agave is then slow roasted in traditional ovens, releasing the sweet sugars that lead to a perfect distillate. Talero’s process is unique! Unlike other tequila distilleries, we do not employ commercial yeast in the fermentation process, which results in a cleaner, more refined taste. We do not use any toxic pesticides or artificial growth accelerants leaving us with our 100% Organic Talero Tequila.

Talero Tequila provides a taste profile that has less of the traditional burn that people often associate with tequila. This stems from the way in which we manage the agave plants as well as the high altitude the plants are grown. The closer to the sun, the sweeter the plants.
Life tastes better naturally — so should your tequila – Drink Talero!

The Organic Certification

Talero Tequila has the privilege to be recognized as part of the Bioagricert Family of Products known through the world as a TRUE ORGANIC TEQUILA .

Bioagricert is an independent entity, established in 1984 to regulate the organic certification process and to accelerate the spread of organic-quality agriculture. The controls required for Bioagricert, the leading certification council for international beverage alcohol, are recognized by the U.S.D.A. and are strictly adhered to through out the Talero manufacturing process, making Talero Tequila the first of its kind anywhere. www.bioagricert.com

Our Commitment

We focus on the following:

Attention: We compost & reuse all by-products from our manufacturing process and whenever possible, use recycled materials to create our packaging.

Integrity: To nurture our prized agave fields we employ the practice of crop rotation which balances nutrient demands and help eliminate pest issues.

Respect: We remain extremely aware of our carbon footprint and continually look for ways to reduce it.